THE GOODS LINE PAVILION      A social and cultural platform for the community, the pavilion is designed to intensify the use and experience of the outdoor public setting.  Located on the Goods Line, the site is an empty patch of grass 8 meters wide and 50 meters long. Rather than constructing an internal enclosure at one end, a slender structure is proposed down the entire length.  The structure forms a frame for a series of activities that spill onto the grass. It provides places to sit, a coffee cart, lighting, power and other infrastructure to create a venue for the staging of both curated events and organic public engagement.  The pavilion enables nearby institutions, local community and individuals to ‘plug in’ and curate events that engage the public at various scales, ranging from an informal spontaneous lunch gathering to a curated event that fills the entire structure.  The platform becomes the backdrop for an abundance of urban activities that change throughout the day, through the seasons and oscillating between planned and informal. The true nature of the pavilion emerges through use and participation.      Year:   2015-   Location:   Ultimo, NSW

The Goods Line Pavilion