Smiths Organic Market

Smiths Organic Markets

Interior fitout for a new organic green grocer in Woollahra. Rather than upselling their produce as organic, the client prefers to describe it as simply ‘real food’ that is grown and prepared simply and honestly, with respect for the natural way of things. In keeping with this philosophy, we set out to strip out all unnecessary elements in the shop and to reinstall only a handful of key elements.

A large bench runs the length of the shop, allowing maximum flexibility in the presentation of fresh produce, which is brought in each day and packed away each night. The produce is presented in a series of baskets, crates and other containers in the same way as it is presented at the markets. This allows the flexibility to present seasonal specials anywhere along this bench, right up to the storefront window.

A large counter is the only freestanding element in the shop and incorporates all front of house services including scales and point of sale equipment, under-bench and display fridges and coffee preparation. Hexagonal encaustic cement floor tiles set out in a mottled tonal pattern suggest the type of public forum traditionally used for community markets.

Year:  2013

Location:  Woollahra, NSW

Project Team:  Tomek Archer, Toby Breakspear