PREFABRICATED STUDIO      Conceived as auxiliary accommodation for an existing holiday house, these prefabricated cabins are an extra bedroom or studio space, without bathroom or kitchen, enabling simple relocation around the site over time.  The structure is conceived as a movable “window”, a habitable threshold that allows different relationships with the surroundings. The different size and nature of its openings (front, sides and top) and the relocation possibilities make the cabin a relational device able to support an ever-changing experience of views, sounds, activities and climate of the site.  The cabins are prefabricated to completion at a factory in Sydney, before being transported to site. The design has been developed closely with the engineers to allow a reversible installation that does not require any permanent foundations that would be left behind when the cabin is moved.      Year:   2016   Location:   South Coast, NSW

Prefabricated Studio