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Brighton Boulevarde Apartments

Brighton Boulevarde Apartments

The existing building is a red brick apartment block of four, typical to Bondi, which has already maximised the allowable building envelope and floor area. The owners corporation requested a schematic feasibility to explore permissable works that could increase the density and improve the amenity of the building inluding off street parking, lift access, and outside entertaining areas for each apartment including a possible roof terrace. These renovations were to be partially funded by the sale of a new apartment to be located beneath the existing building.

The strategy is to cut into the existing building to create several external spaces within the existing brick envelope. This floor space is then used to seek permission for a new apartment beneath the existing building. The sale of the new apartment is to offset the costs for excavating a new underground carpark and lift. A modest rooftop addition within the existing roofline opens to a rooftop deck. The proposal is for a permeable block that opens to the air, sun, views and outdoors.

North Bondi, NSW


Project Team:
Tomek Archer, Toby Breakspear